Associated Companies

The Perutnina Ptuj Group is a food corporation, the basic activity of which is poultry production, representing at present 90 percent of the Group's sales. Poultry production includes preparation of foods from poultry meat in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, and preparation of foods from turkey meat in Slovenia.

The Group's supplementary activities, representing 10 percent of its sales, include: agriculture, wine production, catering, construction services and real estate management.

  • Perutnina Ptuj d.d.
  • PP Gostinstvo d.o.o.
  • PP Nepremičnine d.o.o.
  • PP MI Zalog d.o.o.
  • PP - Agro d.o.o.
  • Ptujska klet d.o.o.
  • Gradbeni remont d.o.o.
  • Veterinarska ambulanta PP d.o.o.

  • Perutnina Ptuj – PIPO d.o.o.

Bosna in Hercegovina
  • Perutnina Ptuj d.o.o. Trn - Laktaši
  • Klaonica PP S d.o.o. Srbac
  • Perutnina Ptuj-BH d.o.o. Breza

  • Perutnina Ptuj-Topiko d.o.o., Bačka Topola
  • »PP BRO ŽIVA« DOO Vajska

  • Perutnina Ptuj Dooel Skopje

  • Perutnina Austria GmbH

  • Perutnina Romania S.R.L. Brasov