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Perutnina Ptuj mission
We enrich a modern family life with the taste of nature.
By carefully balancing the tradition, nature and state of the art technology, we contribute to a better life of an individual, local environment and society as a whole.
International group of companies.
Perutnina Ptuj vision
To be the first anywhere where
natural flavour is appreciated.
To conquer with quality and
To maintain an innovative
of safe and healthy
dietary habits.
Key strategic business objective of the Perutnina Ptuj Group
To become the most important producer of poultry meat and poultry foods from Central and Southeast Europe.
Values of the Perutnina Ptuj Group
We are responsible to our customers, shareholders, the environment, natural resources and relationships. Responsibility is a guarantee of sustainable development of the Perutnina Ptuj Group. We prove our social responsibility by supporting numerous sports, cultural, humanitarian and environmental projects. By the aforesaid, we develop our consideration for the identification of environmental needs and respond to them actively, including through the construction of partner ties, which ensure mutual progress.
We guarantee quality by traceability and control of all processes and components from field to fork. It is our constant and guarantee for the future. We build with it an alliance with consumers who expect safe, light, healthy and nature-friendly food. The QST System (quality, safety, traceability) is a comprehensive system for monitoring and implementing different quality policies and attitudes towards the environment, which was put into practice in the Perutnina Ptuj Group.
We create always new products of quality, healthy, safe and naturally prepared food. We create new dietary habits for everyday and special occasions. Credible nutritional forecasts globally predict that poultry meat will become the number one choice already in a good decade. The growing trends in consumption of poultry meat are in the steep climb, and the Perutnina Ptuj Group undoubtedly follows them with their products.
We are connected to a group of companies and individuals, we more easily and more effectively meet the expectations of our customers. With participation, we guarantee our own productivity, and combine the wealth of experience and tradition with the latest knowledge. Together, we more easily consolidate and develop our competitive advantages. By carefully balancing of the tradition, nature and state of the art technology, we contribute to a better life of an individual, the local community and society as a whole.
We are the first and we shall always be in our key markets. Everywhere, where new skills and ways of operating are required for the future. We are consistent in meeting the plans and objectives, we behave rationally and our words are complementary to actions. We are aware that these are key elements to achieving our vision of becoming the leading producer of poultry meat and products in South East Europe.
Social responsibility
For many years, we co-design events and projects that reflect quality and active lifestyle. With our socially responsible attitude we co-design numerous charity events, sports events, cultural events at Ptuj and its surroundings as well as environmental protection projects:
Humanitarian actions
Cultural events
Poli marathon
Kurents Carnival
And the first pillar of social responsibility is created exactly in Perutnina Ptuj. Together with the employees, who are the building blocks of our company and operations, we provide for relations by the preparation of various events:
Organised blood donor campaigns
Various sports events
Supporting trade union activities
Council of Workers
1905 - 2000
At Ptuj, Valentin Reinhard from Styria Gross St. Florian near Deutschlandsberg opened a repurchasing poultry station.
Reinhard's Company started trading with poultry, eggs and game throughout the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
Reinhard Company has already exported by Din 14 million of goods and made Din 80,000 of net profit.
Management of the company was taken over by Hinko Škerget from Maribor.
Reinhard Company capital assets were nationalised and became the ownership right of the FPRY, Dr. Milan Zupančič was appointed the manager, Janez Verden was appointed the director of finance.
By the decision of the Government of PRS the Perutnina Ptuj Company was founded, Hinko Levičnik was appointed the director.
Ivan Tomanič was appointed the Director of Perutnina, who ran the company for the next three decades.
We started the construction of our own poultry farms.
Perutnina was renamed Mesokombinat Perutnina Ptuj and organised into seven business units and joint services and incorporated the Hajdina Agricultural Cooperative, which became a cooperative plant.
Poultrymen Day was organised for the first time for employees and cooperatives, which has become traditional.
Perutnina produced and sent to the market the first parboiled chicken sausage and named it Poli.
The first issue of the newspaper Ptujski Poultryman was published.
The Trnovci farm for the first time housed 46,000 layers.
Perutnina Ptuj business centre was built at Potrčeva cesta 10 at Ptuj.
From the production, we sent first Koketas to the market.
Dr Roman Glaser named president of the socially-owned company Perutnina Ptuj. The Perutninska zadruga Ptuj cooperative established. A cycling club proudly names itself after Perutnina Ptuj.
Perutnina Ptuj makes first appearance at the Anuga fair in Cologne.
In the process of ownership transformation, Perutnina Ptuj transforms from a socially-owned company into a joint-stock company. Perutnina Ptuj Director-General Dr Roman Glaser receives a special recognition from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for special achievements in the development of the economy and Perutnina Ptuj. Perutnina Ptuj wins the Champion of Quality top award for 1997 at a special national competition of meat and meat products. Based on the special competition, Perutnina Ptuj becomes a champion of quality in meat products. Symposiums on diet in the modern lifestyle organised in Nova Gorica and Maribor as PP’s new contribution to a healthy diet. Slaughterhouse for large animals rehabilitated and modernised technologically. Perutnina Ptuj opens a new sales and storage centre in Ljubljana.
Perutnina Ptuj patés get new packaging. The new smoking chamber completed at PC Mesna Industrija – an important stage in the rehabilitation of the processing plant. Perutnina Ptuj receives the top award - Champion of Quality - for its range of food products at a special national competition of meat products. Perutnina Ptuj introduces its new PP symbol. Perutnina Ptuj starts awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze Roosters for special achievements and support for the development of the poultry industry and the company.
President of Slovenia Milan Kučan opens Perutnina processing plant, the most significant part of the company for finalising poultry meat products. Perutnina Ptuj and Agrokomerc Velika Kladuša sign an agreement on establishing the joint venture Perutnina Agrokomerc. The new presentational website, www.perutnina.si, launched as a form of interactive communication with the entire public and an encouragement to development of promotion and marketing on the internet. Reconstruction of the poultry slaughterhouse with leading-edge equipment completed.
2001 - 2015
An era of intensive acquisitions erupts, enabling a quick growth of production volumes, revenues and expansion of market potentials Perutnina Ptuj acquires Pipo Čakovec and becomes its majority and then also the only stakeholder. At the end of the year, Perutnina Ptuj acquires an 18-percent stake in Jata d.d. Ljubljana.
Perutnina Ptuj absorbs Kmetijski kombinat Ptuj, becoming the largest farming company in the country.
Perutnina Ptuj establishes the organisational form of a concern, organises the first strategic management conference, inviting Bryan Tracy, who delivers a lecture on the art of management to managers and business partners in May. We organise the first in-house fair, with 105 tons of Ptuj chickens consumed at Oktoberfest in Munich. We organise the first Poli marathon, which later evolves into the most attended recreational cycling event in the country.
The joint venture Perutnina Ptuj d.o.o. B.H. Sarajevo starts operations in Sarajevo. Capital increase approved by shareholders’ meeting in June.
Several hundred business partners and employees gather at September academy, marking the centenary of Perutnina Ptuj. Six thousand recreational cyclists take part in Poli marathon.
The Ptujska klet wines acquire the name Pullus, which quickly evolves into a brand name of most frequently and most highly rated wines at the world’s largest wine competitions. Perutnina Ptuj establishes a new company, Perutnina Romania srl. City of Tastes, the most significant foreign investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time, starts operations in Breza, near Sarajevo as part of Perutnina Ptuj. Perutnina Ptuj BH Breza acquires the Halal certificate already in the same year.
PP Topiko Bačka Topola establishes a vertical reproduction process just years after being acquired by Perutnina Ptuj.
Perutnina Ptuj builds a protein concentrate plant at Ptuj, technologically modernising the process of wine maturing at Ptujska klet.
Perutnina Ptuj establishes its own company in Macedonia and opens a food production line in a controlled atmosphere in Čakovec. PP Topiko Bačka Topola establishes a vertical reproduction process just years after being acquired by Perutnina Ptuj.
Perutnina Ptuj also becomes one of the ten largest Slovenian investors in Serbia.
Perutnina Ptuj completes an investment in drying and transport capacities at PP Agro.
We upgrade the broiler farm complex in Kladari, near Srbac.
A 40-million-euro capital increase of the company by SIJ approved at the shareholder’s meeting by a 98.8-percent majority ahead of events marking the 110th anniversary of Perutnina Ptuj.