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Perutnina Ptuj
od imena do blagovne znamke
Perutnina Ptuj has been bound to prepare food and products in a way that demonstrates a responsible attitude towards the environment. On the one hand, we comply with all legal regulations that we meet with as a food group of companies, and at the same time in every moment of everyday life we have enriched them by our own quality requirements, several times higher than legally required.
In 1974, Perutnina Ptuj created the first chicken sausage No. 1. Since its birth until today Poli remains consistent in its quality as a result of top quality and sound manufacturing processes. Among the products of chicken meat there are included sausages, cold meats, pate and snacks. Poli thus maintains the primacy of the first chicken sausage on the market for its innovation, products and quality.
Many years’ tradition of the Perutnina Ptuj Group has been committed to prepare natural, healthy and tasty food, which also represents a core business. Thereby, besides the provision of various poultry products it sets the highest standards of quality, traceability, safety and ecology. Consumers are in this way ensured the quality products for fast satisfaction of their hunger, even when there is not enough time for cooking the whole meal.
Without hesitation, we can say that Perutnina Ptuj is the most important, best recognisable and most reputable trademark of the food processing industry in Slovenia and the Western Balkans countries. In our subsidiary company Topiko at Bačka Topola the chicken meat and certain foods on its basis have put on the the Perutnina Ptuj name. With the start of works on technological lines according to the standards of the parent company the sales channels have thus been set apart, and the presence of our trademarks has created new opportunities to meet the expectations of our customers. The power of the Perutnina Ptuj trademarks lies in its high recognisability as well as products under the Topiko trademark satisfy even the most demanding gourmets with sophisticated products and delicate flavour.
In 2007, the Perutnina Ptuj Group, after a long-term strategic design and decision, developed a concept of coexistence of food and wine. Tradition and modernity shook hands in Ptujska klet cellar and conceived the Pullus trademark, wine with taste. Famous positions of characteristic Haloze and Slovenske gorice, and dedication of winegrowers who cultivate them excel each individual bottling of Pullus wines, Haložan and Pinky Chick. The Ptujska klet cellar as the holder of the primacy of the most frequently award-winning wine cellar strengthens the recognisability of Slovenia in foreign markets and thus opens up new marketing channels by its bottling.
PP-Agro d.o.o. Company is organised in a way that it makes a reasonably rounded process, which provides the crop production, processing of the compound feed and testing their practical values in its own livestock production. Through managed processes of 50 full-time employees it ensures that our products are quality, safe and traceable and verified in practice. Thus, the compound feed production is suitable for any balanced diet of economically important domestic animals. During the harvesting of agricultural products, we purchase all for compound feed required raw materials.