Perutnina Ptuj produced and marketed its GMO soy-supplemented Poli exclusively in Croatia

Belgrade, Sarajevo, Skopje, 6.3.2004

The popular Poli poultry sausages are the most well-liked product of their kind in Europe. Production in Čakovec was intended for the Croatian market exclusively.

Dr. Roman Glaser, the Perutnina Ptuj Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, who three days ago expressed regrets and apologized to the Croatian consumers after a soy isolate containing more than one percent of genetically modified soy was detected in the popular sausage Poli, produced at the company’s plant in Čakovec, Croatia. Regardless of the nature of legal order in the countries to which Perutnina Ptuj is exporting its products, the company has decided to adopt European standards, which allow only one percent of genetically modified organisms in foodstuffs. The higher percentage, which was only present in one batch of the mini poli sausage produced at the Perutnina Ptuj plant in Čakovec, is a concurrence of unfortunate circumstances, as the soy isolate found its way into Croatia despite the fact that the country has adopted a ban on imports of this kind; the soy isolate had been imported from Europe.

Immediately following the initial analysis, Perutnina Ptuj recalled from sale the entire generation of poli sausages available in Croatia, replacing them with products made at its corporate headquarters in Ptuj. Namely, the Čakovec plant supplied the Croatian market exclusively, which means that there are no exports to any country whatsoever. For this reason, consumers in all countries to which Perutnina Ptuj is exporting may feel confident that poli, or any other product, does not contain genetically modified organisms. This is guaranteed by international certificates issued to suppliers of all raw materials, and in addition to that, Perutnina Ptuj also conducts analyses at the National Institute of Biology of the University of Ljubljana, which is an internationally certified laboratory.

“At Perutnina Ptuj, throughout our operations, consumer care always comes first, and this is why we have withdrawn from sale an entire generation of products available in Croatia, regardless of the fact that, as shown by all scientific analyses, GMOs are not harmful to health. In other countries, there is no need for this, as the raw materials we use in Ptuj are guaranteed to contain no GMOs. Namely, from our headquarters we export to all countries where we maintain business cooperation with trade and distribution companies, across the unified EU market, but also everywhere else”, adds Dr. Roman Glaser, the Perutnina Ptuj Chairman of the Board of Directors, also noting that, years ago, his company established control of all phases - from breeding, to processing based on the principles of traceability, safety and quality. It is also for this reason that the company was able to react with equal promptness and efficiency in Croatia. As a result, in Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, or any other country, there is not a single slab of Poli or any other Perutnina Ptuj product that contains genetically modified organisms”, affirmed today Dr. Roman Glaser, the Perutnina Ptuj director general and president of the company’s management board, responding to a direct question from the media. Namely, Perutnina Ptuj solely purchases GMO-free raw materials, which is substantiated by certificates issued by internationally renowned laboratories. This is also verified by the National Institute of Biology of the University of Ljubljana.
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