A delicious meal in a bowl with chicken breast fillet and peanut sauce

A delicious meal in a bowl with chicken breast fillet and peanut sauce

Preparation process

1. Wash the fillet, dry it with a paper towel and add salt.

2. Peel and cut the potatoes and cucumbers into approximately two cm cubes, and the carrot into approximately ½ cm thick rings, wash, peel and cut the zucchini into approximately 1 cm thick rings, and wash and cut the lettuce into approximately 2 cm thick strips.

3. Add fillets, sliced ​​sweet potatoes and sliced ​​zucchini to a deep baking dish. Pour over everything again with olive oil and salt, then cover with a lid or close with aluminum foil (it is important that the foil does not touch the food in the pan).

4. Bake in a heated oven for 40 minutes, remove the lid or foil and bake for another 15 minutes.

5. While the chicken and vegetables are roasting, make the sauce. Put all the ingredients in a jar. Seal well and shake to combine all the ingredients, taste a little and add a little more salt if necessary.

6. When the chicken is cooked, clean the mango and cut it into slices about 5 mm thick, and wash the tomato and cut it in half.

7. Serve by first pouring the salad into a deep bowl or plate, on which to place ½ of the roasted fillet cut into smaller pieces, some sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumber, ¼ avocado and tomato. Pour the sauce over everything and add some peanuts to make the bite more crunchy.


Recipe: Vedrana Orlović (@kefirolicious)