Perfect Professional

In a world dealing with a shrinking population, hotels struggle to secure and keep kitchen staff, transitioning from a challenge to an almost impossible mission.

In the dynamic hospitality world, 'Perfect Professional' is rewriting the playbook, bringing a revolutionary solution to transform how European hotel kitchens run.

"Perfect Professional" isn't just a solution for today but a vision for the future. Our dedication to culinary excellence and operational efficiency places your hotel at the forefront of innovation, ready to confront tomorrow's challenges, whether maintaining current operations or expanding. 

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Why Perfect Professional?


Efficient Staffing.

The wide range of ready-to-heat dishes and sauces can cover 80% of the buffet needs in hotels. These are the products that require proper skills of qualified chefs. This means hotels don't need as many skilled cooks as they used before, and they can greatly reduce their kitchen staff. Imagine going from 30 cooks to just 1 chef, 1 co-chef, and a few assistants – a huge labor cost savings.  


You will significantly reduce the mess and cleaning associated with raw ingredient preparation. No more dirty workspaces and pots.

Reduce the Mess

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Energy Efficiency Redefined.

By shifting from cooking to heating, our concept leads to remarkable cost savings in electricity expenses for kitchen operations, reducing energy consumption of the kitchen area by up to 70%.

Energy Efficiency Redefined

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Streamlined Logistics.

Our ready-to-heat products mean you receive 100% usable goods, eliminating the waste associated with raw product purchases. This reduces logistics costs per kilogram and promotes efficient resource utilization.

You also cut garbage production by 90%. This reduction not only benefits the environment but also leads to fewer cleaning hours and lower garbage disposal costs, further optimizing your kitchen's operations and budget.

Streamlined Logistics

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Longer Freshness.

The products have a long shelf life of 40 days when refrigerated (0 to 4 degrees Celsius). Hotels can plan ahead, avoid running out of food and the need for last-minute deliveries during busy times.

Longer Freshness

The kitchen is always prepared for unexpected increases in guests, like conferences or special events, without wasting food. You only need to heat the amount you need, avoiding unnecessary waste when there are fewer guests. 

Production of the Waste

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Exceptional Food Quality and Safety.

Our culinary creations offer outstanding quality and taste. We combine traditional cooking methods with the latest technologies to deliver fresh and delicious dishes. Our dedicated quality control team thoroughly monitors every aspect of the cooking process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety from raw ingredient inspection to the final product.

Exceptional Food Quality and Safety

Who is Eduardo

Eduardo Salvador, a distinguished Basque chef with 30 years of global culinary expertise. Eduardo's innovative approach, honed through elite kitchens and luxury yachts, forms the cornerstone of our culinary strategy. Although Perfect Professional is not about high-end cuisine, we focus on high-quality products that are easy to use and perfect for hotel kitchens.


"With my experience in compact kitchen setups, I noticed a recurring issue in hotels during my travels – limited room service, constrained menus, and even a lack of lunch options sometimes. The realization hit me: they lack the manpower to build a full kitchen team."

Perfect Professional