Chicken breast Slim & Fit, cold cuts

Slimfit Piscancje prsi narezek

Chicken breast Slim & Fit, cold cuts

Slim & Fit chicken breasts are a well-known classic that fits at any time of the day. They are already cut into ideal slices, so you can immediately serve them as a slice, prepare coated breads or make a sandwich. Chicken breasts have a neutral taste, so kids love them too.

Prepartion hint

Make yourself a delicious toasted sandwich. Place a slice of bread on the melted butter, then add the chicken breast, cheese and tomatoes and another slice of bread on top. Fry for a few minutes on both sides to melt the cheese.

Recepti Novo!

Natur Premium zagotavlja, da je piščančje meso kakovostno. Izberite odlične piščančje jedi, ki prijajo ob vseh priložnostih.