Chicken frankfurter

PP Hot dog hrenovka 480g

Chicken frankfurter

When you smell a hot dog, it doesn’t matter what kind of hot dog you choose. Our chicken sausage sausage is just right big and sloppy to fit perfectly into a loaf. Just add extra to your liking and the hot dog is ready. Are you a fan of mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup? Maybe all three at the same time.

Prepartion hint

A hot dog with chicken hot dogs will be even better if you add roasted vegetables to it. Thinly slice the peppers, onions and carrots, then bake them all together in the oven or pan. Place the vegetables in a loaf, then the roasted hot dog and toppings.

Recepti Novo!

Natur Premium zagotavlja, da je piščančje meso kakovostno. Izberite odlične piščančje jedi, ki prijajo ob vseh priložnostih.