Chicken steak

PP piscancji zrezek 900g

Chicken steak

Shaped chicken steaks from chicken meat, dressed in a crispy panada. Practical and quick to prepare in a pan, fryer or oven. Their shape is ideal for making delicious sandwiches to which you can add vegetables of your choice. A snack with breaded chicken steaks kids absolutely adore!

Prepartion hint

Too much oil is not healthy, but do not wash off excess oil with paper towels, as this will start to soften the crust. Instead of towels, place the roasted meat on a wire rack or in a metal grid and place a tray under it to catch the oil.

Recepti Novo!

Natur Premium zagotavlja, da je piščančje meso kakovostno. Izberite odlične piščančje jedi, ki prijajo ob vseh priložnostih.