Grill chicken wings

Piknik Hrustljava krilca 800g

Grill chicken wings

Delicious marinated grilled chicken wings without spikes, which are just right for adults and children, and especially for every stomach. Perfectly grilled chickens wings will be a picnic hit, so stock up well as they run out quickly. A classic without which there is no real picnic.

Prepartion hint

If you want to bake perfect chicken wings with crispy skin in the oven, make sure the air is circulating. This can be achieved by placing the chickens on the racks instead of on the baking tray and then the racks on the baking tray.

Recepti Novo!

Natur Premium zagotavlja, da je piščančje meso kakovostno. Izberite odlične piščančje jedi, ki prijajo ob vseh priložnostih.