Poetovio, Slim & Fit, cold cuts

Slimfit Poetovio narezek

Poetovio, Slim & Fit, cold cuts

He ate salted boiled chicken, slightly spicy. It is one of the flawless food products that is low in fat and saturated fatty acids, low in sugar and high in dietary fiber. Conveniently packaged as a slice, it’s on hand every time you get hungry.

Prepartion hint

Make yourself a light sandwich with Poetovia cold cuts. Choose a wholemeal loaf and place a few slices of cold cuts, avocado, cherry tomatoes and cheese in it. For a little freshness, add a few drops of lemon or lime juice.

Recepti Novo!

Natur Premium zagotavlja, da je piščančje meso kakovostno. Izberite odlične piščančje jedi, ki prijajo ob vseh priložnostih.