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in which Perutnina Ptuj is able to reassure a reliable and stable process of organization and business environment in which they are embedded. In each integrated process, Perutnina Ptuj grows food from poultry meat on the principle of domicile preparation, that include the production of helms in each country, the participation of local cooperatives in the breeding and the employment of the locals. By quality assurance Perutnina Ptuj uses its own laboratories, which are collaborating with various institutions and have formed its own distribution channels and in the continuous cold chains daily provides food from poultry meat of premium quality reassuring the quality from the field to fork. The majority of subcontractors fall under the umbrella of Poultry Cooperatives. Each domicile chain is based on an effective exchange and the use of latest technologies, experience and knowledge, which Perutnina Ptuj has gained in more than 100 years of business, amongst the individual domicile production that provide consumers a healthy, safe and quality food MADE in EU, MADE in Croatia, MADE in Bosnia and Herzegovina and MADE in Serbia.