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Strategy and vision
Our primary aim is the preparation of
natural, healthy and
delicious food.   

We are united by perfection.

The Perutnina Ptuj Group for more than a century realises the business model of the integrated production process from farm to fork in the QST system (quality, safety, traceability). In this way each market in which we operate and where our presence is steadily consolidated with natural, healthy and delicious food has been satisfied in accordance with nutritional trends. As a Group, we persistently co-create these trends with consideration for consumers

Traceability, quality, safety

The time in which we crave for dietary foods is increasingly demanding. In the business model of the Perutnina Ptuj Group has thus the QST system been developed to perfection. Every day we provide our consumers with delicious food of our trademarks and enriched with all the attributes that distinguish the above-standard processes for preparing healthy food of known origin.

Quality of food of the Perutnina Ptuj Group is checked daily by the internal quality services, by assessments in various national, European and international food events, while the most relevant assessment of quality on a daily basis is given by consumers, who confide in our healthy, quality, safe and delicious food.