Ptuj-Style Chicken

Ptuj-Style Chicken

Preparation process

For the marinade, chop the onions and add the mustard, vegetable stock, tomato puree, ground paprika, vinegar, oil and thyme.

We clean the chicken by cutting off the stunted part of the wings, the tail and the skin at the neck. Transfer to a baking dish, coat well with the marinade and let rest for two hours.

Before placing the chicken in the baking dish, coat it with the cleaned and sliced vegetables for the side dish. In a combined oven, with added steam, first roast it for about an hour at 140°C, then turn off the steam, raise the temperature to 180°C and add ventilation until nicely roasted. Roast it in a classic oven at 160°C, at the end raise the temperature to 200°C and turn on the ventilation until the skin becomes crispy.


Even more juicy

The chicken is even juicier if it is cut at the leg and a piece of butter is pushed under the skin to the breast, which melts and wraps around the breast during roasting.


Recipe is from PP cook book Smells like home, contributed by Primož Dolničar, Slovenia.