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Homebred tradition is our future

The fields of Styria have always been linked to the tradition of poultry breeding. It is interwoven into the history of Perutnina Ptuj and has connected breeders across the green countryside for more than a century. Perutnina Ptuj breeders have smaller operations than the farms of big European producers and strive towards high quality and responsible breeding that is becoming more and more appreciated at home and abroad. This is supported by the new standard of premium poultry breeding that looks back to the characteristics of homebred poultry.

About premium poultry breeding

Perutnina Ptuj is the first in Slovenia to introduce a new standard that follows the latest findings on the well-being of animals and more than exceeds the legislative requirements. The most noticeable addition introduced by the premium poultry breeding is a special protective canopy along the entire length of the barn. Its surface accounts for at least a fifth of the breeding surface and enables the animals to roam in the fresh air and rummage through quality litter. The animals are comfortable in the barns with plenty of sunlight, room to move, natural feed …

We have made sure these chickens have everything homebred courtyard chickens do. A special feature of the new way of breeding is the approach of the breeders and their families, welcoming the animals into their homestead, looking after their health and well-being.

Meet our breeders

In order to ensure the highest quality, we oversee every step, from the farm to the finished product. We know that top quality begins at the source,

the breeders.

We have more than 20 breeders working with us who are committed to the premium poultry breeding standard and more breeders are joining us. Take a peek into their everyday and make sure that your product hasn’t travelled thousands of kilometres. 

Premium poultry breeding: quality and responsibility

Track the products’ origin

Make sure your product has not travelled thousands of kilometres. You can check using the Origin app that takes you to the Slovenian farm in a second.

Check the Origin
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“Our day revolves around poultry”

Stanko Jurkovič has been involved in poultry breeding since his childhood. Since his beginnings helping his father in elementary school, he has brought the family supplementary activity to the highest level of quality. He was the second of the Perutnina Ptuj associates to adopt the premium poultry breeding standard for his poultry; now, he is passing on his knowledge to the neighbouring breeders who are choosing this new, animal-friendly way of breeding.

“It’s hard to say when my workday is finished. I must be available 24 hours a day. When there is a lot of work, the whole family pitches in. That way, we finish sooner and can have some time to rest afterward. I really enjoy my work. I love being in the fresh air, keeping active, and working with animals. Even though there is a bit more work with the new standard, I am pleased to know the animals feel better,” says Stanko Jurkovič.

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“The advantages of the new way of breeding are visible”

Anica and Ivan Kolar have been poultry breeders for more than 36 years. They have dedicated the better part of their lives to farming; rather than seek regular employments, they decided to stay home and be independent and committed to working with nature and animals. They have worked hard to create a home and raise three daughters who are grown, making their own way in the city, but always nostalgically recall life on the farm.

“The differences in the new way of breeding are really big. The chickens are livelier, they develop better. More movement is expressed in the different constitution, different meat texture, like the one we used to know from out homebred chickens that grazed in our courtyard,” says Anica Kolar. “The chickens are also a lot healthier. Look at their legs, how healthy, powerful they are, how playful and animated these animals are. That means they are feeling well,” adds Ivan Kolar.

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“We guarantee the highest quality”

On the hilltops of green Pohorje, we found a mixed farm run by Janko Šega and his family. With their herd of dairy livestock and a barn full of poultry, the Šega family never runs out of work. Despite his busy schedule and little free time, the landowner keeps a watchful eye on the latest trends on poultry breeding. He believes implementing a new way of breeding that focuses on the animals’ well-being is the right direction.

“I think these kinds of barns will become the standard in the future. The animals are provided with sunlight, fresh air, exercise, a high-quality feed, and the indoor frames provide additional enrichment to their living environment. This higher quality has an overall impact, even on the final product and I think the consumers are already recognizing it. This is why the premium breeders have committed to the long run,” explains Janko Šega.

You can support this animal-friendly breeding: every time you choose Natur Premium products!

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